8 Best Coffee Machines in India (2020)

Are you a coffee lover? if yes, then you are at the right place. Some like it dark whereas some like it soft. With lots of coffee available in the market it is not easy to get perfect flavour by yourself, so to get that flavour and taste in minutes you need a Coffee machine which best suits your needs and serves you that perfect coffee at your home or office.

Depending on the usage whether  for home or coffee cafe, different types of coffee machines are available in the market. Some coffee machines come with basic features while others are loaded with premium features. Some just grind beans, others froth milk for latte.

Traditional process of preparing coffee has been very complicated that includes roasting, grinding and filtering. Coffee machines or coffee makers have made that complicated process hassle free. Philips, prestige, morphy richards, instacupa etc are some of the brands providing best coffee machines in India.

Morphy Richard is certainly a big brand in the house of kitchen appliances. This Coffee machine makes espresso, cappuccino, and latte coffee. It approximately takes 4 cups of coffee. 

Coffee may drip during operations which will be collected on drip tray which is removable hence cleaning will be easy. This coffee machine also has a coffee strength selector by which you can set the required coffee strength according to your taste.

This comes with an attractive glass carafe that collects coffee and also lets you see the required amount that is to be used for each cup. It has stainless steel two cup filter which filters the extract very efficiently and smoothly.


  • Coffee strength selector.
  • Heat resistant carafe.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • 2 years of product warranty.


  • Some water leakage may be there.

2. Philips HD7431/20 760-Watt Coffee Machine (Black)

Philips is a renowned kitchen appliance brand and offers a wide range of kitchen appliances. This lavish black coffee machine looks very stylish and very elegant.

This Coffee machine has the capacity of making approximately 7 cups of coffee and it takes brewing time of approximately 10 minutes.

The aroma twister inside the jug circulates the inflowing coffee evenly through the jug for an optimal taste, from the very first cup to the last cup.

There is a red light on the switch button which illuminates when the coffee machine is switched on. Drip Stop of the coffee machine interrupts coffee brewing whenever you like.


  • 2 Years of Product warranty.
  • Red light on the switch button.
  • Drip Stop of Coffee machine.
  • Non-Slip Fee and illuminated power switch.
  • Brews very hot coffee.


  • Container Glass is thin.

3. InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Machine with 4 Part Superior Filtration 600 ML, Stainless Steel

This Instacuppa coffee machine is a premium quality construction that has classic coffee machine appeal. This coffee machine approximately makes 6 cups of coffee at a time.

This is a highly recommended coffee machine for the filter coffee. Also, you can make milkshakes in this coffee machine. It comes with water level marking on its café for water level indication which is not different from other coffee machines.

What most people like about this coffee machine is its 4 levels of superior filtration that doesn’t leave any sediments in the coffee. Also, this is a budget-friendly coffee machine with many features. Our Modular Aura team highly recommends this coffee machine for all types of coffee lovers.


  • 1 year of product warranty.
  • 4 levels of superior filtration.
  • Multipurpose functionality.
  • Water level indication of the flask.
  • Stainless Steel mesh filters.
  • Lavish Design.
  • Easy to grip handle.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • N/A

4. Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 Drip Coffee Machine (Black)

Preethi kitchen appliance is an Indian Brand. It is a reputed kitchen appliance brand. Preethi initially started with mixer grinders, but now it has grown into a big brand kitchen appliance company. 

The Range of appliances offered by Preethi includes an induction cooktop, wet grinders, electric pressure cookers, and auto cookers, etc. This coffee machine approximately makes 3 to 4 cups of coffee. Its shock-proof ABS makes it durable and safe for use.

This coffee machine comes with the power of concealed 450W for faster brewing.  Water level indication shows water in the machine which prevents water leakage.

What some people complain about this product is its plastic quality. Also, this product is not suitable for big families.


  • Anti-drip system.
  • 1 year product warranty.
  • Heat sensitive thermal fuse.
  • Water level Indicator.


  • Not suitable for big families.

5. Prestige PCMD 1.0 650-Watt Drip Coffee Machine, Multi Color

Prestige is India’s largest kitchen appliances company serving the needs of a homemaker in the country. This coffee machine is designed for the people who love to drink South Indian strong filter coffee.

It comes with a translucent water gauge which gives better visibility of water level without opening the coffee machine. The anti-drip valve of this coffee machine prevents dripping when the flask is removed.

Also, this coffee machine comes with 650 Watts motor advance mesh filter, and advanced brewing technology. This coffee machine approximately makes 2-4 cups of coffee.


  • Anti-drip valve.
  • Water level indicator.
  • Steam vent releases excess steam.
  • Stylish design.
  • 1 year of product warranty.


  • No cut-off feature.

6. Black + Decker BXCM1201IN 12-Cup Drip Coffee Machine

This coffee machine is perfect for large families or for offices as it can make 12 cups of coffee at a time. This coffee machine also has an automatic shut-off feature. Even if you forget to switch off the coffee machine, this coffee machine will shut off automatically.

This coffee machine comes with a special keep warm function that keeps your coffee warm up to 2 hours post preparation. It comes with electronic control digital display that helps to control the brewing process which given coffee, the way you like.

This coffee machine comes with a water level indication which is not different from other coffee machines. This coffee machine comes with a permanent nylon filter which makes it durable and long-lasting. This is also a highly recommended product.


  • 2 years of product warranty.
  • Automatic shut off feature.
  • Keep warm function.
  • Permanent Nylon filter.
  • Water level indication.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Not suitable for small families.

7. Cafe JEI French Press Coffee and Tea Machine 600ml with 4 Level Filtration System

This is a budget-friendly coffee machine with a small capacity. This coffee machine approximately makes 2 cups of coffee. If you are looking for a budget-friendly small capacity coffee machine, then definitely, this product is for you.

This French press comes with 4 level filtration system which provides you a pure brew with no grounds. This coffee machine comes with water level which is not different from other coffee machines.

This product includes 4 coffee coasters, one coffee measuring spoon, and 2 stainless steel screen filters. This Product is available in two different colors. One is Rose gold and other is Silver. We are providing both color links below.


  • 4 level filtration.
  • One year replacement guarantee.
  • Coffee measuring spoon.
  • Water level indicator.


  • Not suitable for large families.

8. Morphy Richards Fresco 800-Watt 4-Cups Espresso Coffee Machine (Black)

Morphy Richard is certainly a big brand in the house of kitchen appliances. This coffee machine approximately makes 4 cups of coffee. It comes with a coffee strength selector by which you can select the required coffee strength according to your taste. 

This coffee machine comes with a stainless steel 2 cup filter which performs the job of filtering the extracts efficiently. It comes with a removable Drip tray. You can remove this drip tray and can clean easily.


  • Coffee strength selector
  • 2 years of product warranty.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • Heat resistant carafe.


  • Some noise problem may be there.

Types of Coffee Machines:

There are various ways of preparing coffee. There are so many equipment available in the market to prepare that perfect coffee according to your taste. There are so many types of coffee machines available in the market. some of them are as follows:  

Best Coffee Machine

French press:  Talking about french coffee, if you never had french coffee, it is very rich, smooth, aromatic giving the very feel of french. 

If you want to feel that french coffee taste, no other coffee machine will give you that exact feel as compared to French Press.

A french press is a coffee brewing machine. Coffee is brewed when ground coffee is put in the hot beaker and adding hot water to it. This fits those with less kitchen space and in offices.

Channi Coffee: This is perfect for those who don’t have any brewing equipment but still want to make better coffee at home. you just need a tea strainer(channi) to prepare this type of coffee. 

Drip Coffee Maker: For brewing a large quantity of coffee at a time, this one is perfect.

Moka Pot: Moka pot are stove pot brewing equipment, perfect for people loving strong coffee brew. it is not easy to handle and the taste of coffee is not consistent with Moka pot.

Aero Press: this is much popular these days among coffee lovers. There are so many ways you can brew coffee with it. it is easy to use. coffee is steeped for 15 to 50 seconds then pushed through a paper filter by pressing the plunger through the tube.

Espresso: This one is perfect for those who love stronger and more aromatic coffee. also, other coffee variations like latte, mocha, macchiatos can be prepared using this coffee machine.

Single Serve: This is designed to brew a single batch at a time.

Types of coffee Beans:

There are so many varieties of coffee available in the market but there are two types that are very widely used in most of the world that are Arabica or Robusta or a blend of two.

Best Coffee Machine
Difference between Arabica and Robusta:

Arabica and robusta are two primary types of coffee cultivated for drinking. The differences between the two are their growing pattern and aroma and taste. 

Taste: arabicas are available in a wider taste range from sweet and soft to sharp and tangy. Arabica beans have a softer and sweeter taste resembling fruit and berries. Arabica beans have a high acidity level.

Robusta beans have a stronger and harsher taste with a peanutty after-taste. robusta are generally considered of inferior quality as compared to Arabica beans. 

However, some arabicas are considered as of high quality and used in Espresso for their rich flavour and good crema. Robusta contains much more caffeine than Arabica beans.

Production: robustas are easier to grow. they can grow at lower altitudes and are less vulnerable to weather conditions. Robustas are known for the fast production of fruit and yield more crops per tree.

However, arabicas being delicate, require cool tropical climate, rich soil, shade, sun, and lots of moisture. they are very vulnerable to pests and weather conditions. Arabicas need several years to yield fruit and production is less per tree as compared to Robusta.

How to select the coffee machine which fits you perfectly?

Value for money:  While investing hasty money in any home appliance, it is important to ensure that you get the most out of what you pay. 

Make a list of your requirements and then carefully choose the appliance that best suits your needs as well as budget-friendly.

Brew Capacity: There are varieties of coffee machines with different brewing sizes available in the market. for bachelors or with very small families having different coffee timings, single brewing size is suitable.

However, coffee machines with large brewing capacity are suitable for large families and offices. Maximum brewing capacity can range from 10 to 12 cups.

Category: Indians usually go for milk in their coffee, so they prefer cappuccino, latte. Also, there is an increase in the trend of black coffee lovers. hence it is important to identify your preference before shopping.

With a wide range of coffee machines available in the market, there are some which can prepare all types of coffee and whereas others are specialized in one or other types.

Safety: for an appliance to run on a frequent basis, it is vital to have shockproof mechanisms.

As safety is of utmost concern, one should keep this factor in mind while buying any product.

Maintenance: stress free maintenance is always required while buying a coffee machine. coffee machines usually come with detachable jars which makes them easy to clean and maintain. one must always keep this factor in mind while considering the product.

Ease of use: with different varieties of coffee machines available in the market, it is vital to select the one with the less complicated procedures. 

Some coffee machines come with LED panels and timers that make it easy to use by letting you know when the coffee is ready using an alarm.

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