10 Best Sandwich Makers in India (2020)

Sandwich maker made our lives very easy which solved the commercial and household purposes. Sandwich makers have become an important part of our breakfasts and snacks. 

Features the Best Sandwich maker should have:

1. A Sandwich maker must have a high quality of the non-stick coating.

2. It should be energy efficient. A sandwich maker consuming 700-840 watts are good to choose as it works best without increasing your electricity bills.

3. An Auto-cutoff option is necessary for any sandwich maker to protect excess browning of sandwiches.

4. It should be easy to clean.

Best Sandwich Makers in India:

After carefully analyzing and reviewing users’ feedback, here, we are featuring some of the best sandwich makers in India:

10 Best Sandwich Makers in India (2020)Prestige is very well known for making small kitchen appliances. This model is a bestseller in this category. It comes with fixed grill plates that have non-stick and non-toxic features that provide healthy and less fat food.

It looks stylish with a black finish body. Handles are made up of heat-resistant material to protect your hand from burning. It comes with two indicator lights one is red and the other is green. The green light is for grill ready. red light is for power or heater.

 It requires 850 watts of power which makes it energy efficient. Its thermostatic controlling feature helps in controlling the temperature. Functions as a toaster as well as a sandwich maker, this is perfect for your kitchen. Its good quality and performance make it great for this price.

Main Features:

  • Fixed grill plates
  • Non-stick heating plates
  • 800 watts power
  • One year Warranty

2. Nova NGS 2449 1000 Watt Panini Grill Best Sandwich Maker in India (Black/Grey)

Products of Nova are easily found in almost every household. This model is a sandwich grill maker which works at 1000 watt operating voltage 210-250 volts for efficient grilling.

The fixed grill non-stick heating plates are made with double Teflon coating. The plates are 25.3cm in length and 17.8 cm in width that allows 2 medium sizes of sandwiches to grill at the same time.

Besides sandwiches, you can prepare other food items using this device such as paneer tikka, thick Reuben sandwiches, etc.

Main Features:

  • Non-stick heating plates with Double Teflon coating.
  • 1000 watt power.
  • Seals and grills sandwiches easily with fixed grill plates and hinged lock for sealing.
  • Plate dimensions – 25.3 cm’s length / 17.8 cm’s width – wire cord length – 90cms
  • 1-Year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

3. Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 2000-Watt Grill Best Sandwich Maker in India (Black)

This super jumbo grill sandwich maker from Borosil allows 4 sandwiches to grill at a time which saves a lot of time and is perfect to prepare sandwiches for the whole family.

The plates are large and have a non-stick grill surface with deep ribs for extra crispy grilling. It comes with an oil collector tray to drain any excess oil or butter for healthy and less fat food.

It has a thermal fuse for extra safety and Temperature control knob to control the temperature of grilling.

It can be used for grilling different food items such as chicken breast, vegetables, cottage cheese, etc. this is perfect for your kitchen.

Main Features:

  • Large plate for 4 slice grill
  • Oil collector tray to remove excess oil
  • Non-stick grill surface
  • Temperature control knob.
  • 2 years warranty on the product.
  • Power: 2000 watts. Voltage-230V AC / 50Hz

4. Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Best Sandwich Maker in India (Black)

This sandwich maker from Philips comes with cut and seal plates to seal ingredients inside, has high temperature and high power for perfectly toasted sandwiches.

Its special non-stick coating makes cleaning easier. Its cool touch technology protects the hand from burning. Works on the power of 820 watts, operating voltage 220-240V.

Main Features:

  • Cut and seal plate
  • Easy lock system
  • Special non-stick coating
  • High temperature
  • Cool touch handle
  • Power:820 watt Voltage: 220-240V

5. Rico Sandwich Toaster and Grill, 750 Watt, Red Best Sandwich Maker in India

If you are looking for something very stylish in your kitchen for which people compliment you every time they visit you, you should go for this Rico sandwich toaster. Its Italian Bevel Purse design will not only enhance your kitchen but its shockproof and cool-touch body will protect you from any accident.

This is very lightweight and comes with German Non-stick coating to cook and grill with minimum butter for healthy cooking. You don’t have to wait much for the plate.

It works on the power of 750Watt which helps to heat the plates quickly and make it ready to cook in just 1 minute.

Main Features:

  • Elegant looking Italian Bevel purse design
  • Outer cool touch body
  • Shockproof body
  • Deep stuff pocket for big sandwiches
  • German Non-stick coating for healthy cooking
  • Power: 750 watt
  • 2 years free replacement warranty

6. Wonderchef Prato 3 in 1 830-Watts Best Sandwich Maker in India, Black

Wonderchef comes with an amazing 3 in 1 sandwich maker which helps you to make a breakfast of your choice by using interchangeable plates.

It comes with 3 plates using which you can cook everything from kebabs to waffles. It has non-stick coated plates for healthy cooking. Its precise thermostat control helps in controlling temperature.

It works on the power of 830 Watt which helps you in faster cooking. This is the best sandwich maker for cooking different types of food.

Main Features:

  • 3 interchangeable plates
  • Precise thermostat control
  • Non-stick coated plates for healthy cooking
  • Cool touch material and handle
  • Power: 830 watt

7. Morphy Richards SM3006 750-Watt Best Sandwich Maker in India (Silver and Black)

Morphy Richards is a well-known brand for kitchen and home appliances. This comes with non-stick cook plates. Easy to clean and handle this one is the perfect sandwich maker for a small family.

Main Features:

  • Decent quality
  • Cord winding facility for neat storage
  • 2 years warranty
  • Cool touch body for safe handling
  • Power: 750-watt operating voltage: 230 volts.

8. Havells Big Fill 900-Watt 2 Slice Best Sandwich Maker in India (Black)

Havells Big Fill sandwich maker is an elegant looking design made of high-quality material for long-lasting use. Its stylish stainless steel exterior makes it look more elegant. 

This sandwich maker comes with a non-stick coated grill designed with deeper grooves for more filling in the sandwiches. 

It comes with two indicators-red and green. One for power on and other for ready function. It has a power cord of around 3.5 feet.

The sandwich maker has a strong hinged lock and cool-touch handle to protect your hand from any heat. 

This sandwich maker is perfect for toasting bread and grilling sandwiches. Apart from sandwiches, you can also grill potatoes, paneer (cottage cheese).

The sandwich maker can prepare 2 sandwiches at a time. You can even use jumbo-sized bread in this sandwich maker making it one of the best sandwich makers in India for jumbo-sized bread. 

It has a power consumption of 900 watts which makes it energy efficient.

Main Features:

  • High-quality material with stainless steel exterior
  • Fixed non-stick plates
  • Toasting and grilling
  •  2 years of on-site warranty
  • Fast heating
  • Maximum power consumption of 900 watts

9. Seaway SW SM350 750 Watt 3 in 1 Toast-N-Waffle-N-Grill Best Sandwich Maker in India (Black)

Seaway 3 in 1 sandwich maker is one of the best sandwich makers in India considering its 3 detachable plates. This sandwich maker comes with 3 detachable plates which makes it unique in its own way. 

The plates can perform toast, grill, and waffle functions. The non-stick detachable plates are easy to clean and use less oil or butter for healthy cooking. 

Using these plates now you can toast, grill, and even prepare waffles according to your mood. Its compact size makes it easy to fit in any kitchen. 

The Seaway 3 in 1 sandwich maker comes with a 750-watt thermostatically-controlled heating element. 

This sandwich maker is new in this category with 3 detachable plates so now you don’t have to own any extra appliance for preparing those delicious waffles at the comfort of your home.

Main Features:

  • 3 non-stick plates for grilling, toasting and waffle making
  • Easy to clean detachable non-stick plates
  • Compact design with stainless steel design on the outside
  • 750 watts thermostatically-controlled heating element

10. Pigeon by Stovekraft 12283 750-Watt Best Sandwich Maker in India (White)

Pigeon is a well-known brand for kitchen appliances. This sandwich maker by Pigeon is white in color and comes with a cord length of 1 m. 

This Pigeon sandwich maker has a shockproof heat resistant body to protect the user from any accidental damage. 

The non-stick coated plates are easy to clean. The compact design can be easily fit in any type of kitchen.  The main advantage of this sandwich maker which makes it one of the best sandwich makers in India is its removable plates which makes it easy to use and clean. The plates are rectangular in shape.

The operating voltage of the sandwich maker is 220-240 volts and it has a power consumption capacity of 750 watts.  It comes with a warranty of 1 year. It’s auto cut-off feature is useful to protect sandwiches from overcooking

Main Features:

  • Shockproof heat resistant body
  • Detachable easy to clean non-stick plates
  • Operating voltage of 220-240 volts
  • Maximum power consumption capacity of 750 watts

Types of Sandwich makers:

Best Sandwich Maker

Four triangle type: This is the traditional type of sandwich maker with four triangles on each side of heating plates. Bread slices are put on these triangles and then by pressing it will be cut in two preparing 4 half slices of sandwiches.

Grill sandwich maker: This type of sandwich maker is a bit different from above. The non-stick heating plates have grill designs on them.

Panini press: Panini press is similar to above but serves the larger purpose. Panini press comprises a heating bottom plate and heating top plate that comes in close contact to heat the food at the appropriate temperature. It is usually used for commercial purposes. However, it is quite expensive compared to the other two types. But it can be used for preparing burgers, sandwiches, grilling meat, etc.

Size of sandwich makers:

The best sandwich maker is the one that suits your needs. An average sandwich maker has the capacity of preparing 2 sandwiches of average-sized bread at a time. 

Whereas a jumbo Panini press or Panini sandwich maker can prepare 4 sandwiches at a time. One should carefully select the size according to their usage and purpose of usage.

Factors to consider while buying a best sandwich maker in India:

No. of Slices: Sandwich maker comes with different capacities. The most common sandwich maker used in Indian homes can prepare two sandwiches of a regular-sized bread.

Auto-off: this feature is very important in our busy schedule to protect our sandwiches from that extra browning as it is not easy to wait for every sandwich to be grilled.

Plate material: Non-stick, aluminum and cast iron are some of the common materials used in plates of sandwich makers. 

Aluminum plated gets heated up quickly and you can prepare your sandwiches in a quick manner but little distraction may overcook your sandwiches. 

Cast iron is better for consistent results and durability. Non-stick is the best option as it uses less oil making it healthy and protects the food to stick at the base for easier cooking and cleaning.

Power consumption: Usually, sandwich maker power consumption ranges from 600 to 2000 watts. Purchasing a sandwich maker with 700-840 watts will lessen the extra burden of electricity on your pockets. 

While in the case of commercial usage, sandwich makers with higher power consumption may be used.

How does Sandwich maker work?

A sandwich maker is simple and daily to use kitchen appliances that can be used to prepare daily breakfast or evening snacks. The non-stick plates help in preparing sandwiches without sticking the filling material or cheese to the base.

Frequently asked questions:

How to clean the sandwich maker?

This is one of the most common questions people have been asking me for a long time. So here I am answering this question.

Cleaning a sandwich maker is not that difficult to clean, just remember to unplug it from the socket and remember never, I repeat never immerse your appliance in the water as it will totally damage your sandwich maker.

If your sandwich maker comes with detachable plates, you can separately clean them with the water and mild soap or you can put them in the dishwasher.

But for the plates that are not detachable, you have to be more patient. When the dry food stuff is there, you can just pick it with your hand or kitchen towel. To wash, soak the plates using a paper towel or squeezed sponge dipped in some soapy solution and gently scrub it, only if required. 

Now clean it completely using a clean squeezed sponge or damp cloth. To clean the exterior, just wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

Can sandwich makers be used to grill paneer or chicken?

The answer to this question is YES. A Panini press can be used to grill potato, paneer(cottage cheese), small pieces of chicken. 

Why is a non-stick coated sandwich maker better?

Non-stick coated plates are easy to clean and moreover the cheese and other fillings like onion or other vegetables might stick easily to the plates which are difficult to remove. Sandwich makers with non-stick coated plates are considered as the best sandwich makers in India for homes.

Can bread toast be prepared using a sandwich maker?

Yes, you can prepare bread toast but it takes some extra time to prepare toast without butter. But if you want to get that soft bread toast you can apply butter to it.

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